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ScotchGuard Protection

​You don’t have to worry about “accidents” and spills when you’ve got it. The Protector We use is ScotchGard Protector! Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of West Palm Beach can apply a ScotchGard Protection, to protect against permanent staining and help to keep carpets cleaner for longer.    

• ScotchGard really works!
• Longer life for your upholstery & carpets.
• Kills germs and bacteria   
• Slows down "abrasive grinding" of fibers   
• Helps to repel dirt and grime   
• Makes vacuuming your carpet easier and faster.   
• Prolongs Your upholstery & carpets life   
​• ScotchGard Protector protects your investment   
• Most importantly, it will always be much easier to clean during regular
periodical cleaning
Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of West Palm Beach
8332 Fresh Creek West Palm Beach, FL 33411 US
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Carpet Cleaning

Our 9-Step Cleaning Process

Its what our company was built on what
​we do on every job!

1. Vacuum

2. Baseboard Crevice Vacuum

3. Move Some Furniture

4. Treatment of Spots/Stains

5. Truck - Mounted Deep Steam Extraction

6. Carpet Rinse

7. Carpet Fans (if needed) for Faster Drying

8. Deodorize

9. Fluff Rake Carpet

Not all carpet cleaning companies deliver the same service level. At Nationwide Carpet Cleaning, our 9-step cleaning process goes above and beyond. Clean carpets mean babies and kids can play on the floor again. And families can sit back and relax when out-of-town relatives and friends come to visit. When you have your carpets cleaned by Nationwide Carpet Cleaning, you have nothing to lose - except stains, odors, ground-in dirt and grime.

The Walk Through

Our Carpet Cleaning technicians first perform a "walk through" with you to understand your carpet cleaning needs and expectations. During the "walk through", we will also identify any special problem areas with your carpet, such as high traffic areas, pet stains and general soiling that will require special attention. 

Vacuum Carpets & Baseboard Crevices

After the "walk through", we will then vacuum your carpet, as well as, vacuum the crevices between your carpet and your baseboards to get out the dirt and debris that normally do not come out with regular vacuuming.

Pre-Carpet Treatment & Steam Cleaning

Once we have vacuumed your carpet and baseboard crevices, we will pre-treat your carpet and then steam clean the entire carpet using our van-mounted cleaning systems. Our van mounted equipment provides excellent deep steam cleaning which will clean your carpet and leave it free of any residue, as well as, a powerful vacuum that leaves minimal moisture in your carpet. But we are not done yet!

Carpet Deodorization & Carpet Grooming

Finally, we will deodorize your carpet (for an additional fee) and groom you carpet so that it will dry quicker and give the carpet a fresh groomed appearance. Your satisfaction means a lot to all of us at Nationwide Carpet Cleaning, and we'll do what's necessary to get your carpets looking as good as possible.

Our guarantee, attention to detail and 9-step cleaning process are unique among West Palm Beach carpet cleaners. Contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment.