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Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of West Palm Beach
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Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of West Palm Beach fully exceeded my expectations. In the past I have always had trouble with other carpet cleaning services. They were always never on- time or the quote would change when they came to clean my carpets. But, with Nationwide, I’ve never had this problem. My carpets turned out cleaner than I have ever seen with any other company. I would recommend them to anyone who wants great service and clean carpets fast.   -   Sally, West Palm Beach, FL

I was having a huge 40th Birthday party at my house for my husband. I had invited over 100 guests. I realized I needed all the tile and grout in my house cleaned as soon as possible. I only had 2 days to get this done. I contacted Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of West Palm Beach and told them my situation. Even though they were fully booked they still scheduled me an appointment for that day. They arrived on time and quickly cleaned my grout and tile. It was like someone had come and put a brand new floor in my house. I couldn’t have been happier. Plus, my house looked great for my husband’s 40th Birthday! I was more than satisfied with the results and will continue to use them for all my steam cleaning needs. They made me a customer for life! -  Tina, Jupiter, FL

​My wife was out of town on business for a week so I was left to watch my daughter. Well she was drinking fruit punch and spilled it all over one of my wife’s favorite chairs. I knew I was in trouble. I called an upholstery cleaning service so they could clean the chair before my wife got back from her trip. Let’s just say that when they came to clean it, it only made it worse. I heard from my neighbor about Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of West Palm Beach. So I gave them a call and explained my situation. When they came they cleaned the chair and it was restored to perfect condition. I asked if they would do the rest of the chairs in the set and it was no problem. They looked as if I had just bought them. Needless to say, Nationwide Carpet Cleaning saved my wife’s chairs and me the headache. Thank you guys so much! - Ken- Wellington, FL

I’ve always had my carpet and tile cleaned every 4 months. But, the service I had used for years just wasn’t doing as good of a job as they used to. They were always late and the results weren’t the greatest. I Googled carpet cleaning and Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of West Palm Beach popped up on the first page. I went to their site, checked it out, read some testimonials and decided I would call them see what they were all about. So I setup up an appointment to try them out. Well, they came on- time and cleaned my 6000sq foot house- carpets, tile and grout. I was more than pleased with the results and friendly service. After that, I dropped my other company and decided that Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of West Palm Beach would be the only company I would ever let come clean my carpets. I have continued to use them for the past 2 years and will continue to do so. They even call me to remind me when it’s time for my 4 month cleaning! They truly are the best company for all your carpet, tile and grout cleaning needs in Palm Beach County.  – Lana, Palm Beach, FL

I used to be one of those people who always cleaned my carpets and tile myself. I would always go rent the machines, do it myself and still was never really satisfied. I finally decided that is was time for me to call a professional. A friend of mine recommended Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of West Palm Beach. She had nothing but great things to say about them. At first, I was skeptical because I always like to do things myself. So I checked their website. I read all the testimonials and saw the before and after pictures. I was impressed. So I called, they gave me a great quote and I decided to make an appointment. When they arrived they were friendly and worked fast. Once, they were finished I couldn’t believe it! My carpet and tile looked amazing! From then on, I decided I was no longer going to waste my money renting machines only to get mediocre results. Now, anytime I need my floors cleaned I call Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of West Palm Beach. They are the best and made me a true believer. I would recommend their service to anyone. -  Brian, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

We cannot say enough good things Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of West Palm Beach, Stephen, the owner and his staff! We have a new puppy that is a rescue. So, not knowing how well trained he was it took us a while to teach him the rules of the house. While he was learning...well, let's just say that we desperately needed help. I have used other companies in the past, all saying they specialized in pet stains and odors. Each time I was disappointed. Not only did the stains come back but so did the smell! Stephen did my carpet over a month ago. He promised that he could get the stain out and the smell and it would not come back. I am soooooo happy to say that he was absolutely correct. Not only is he very nice and friendly as can be but he stands by his word, which, to me is Gold. Use Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of West Palm Beach and you WILL very pleased. Also, all their products are environmentally safe so we never had to worry about our new little rescue being harmed. Call Stephen today!  -Jenna, Boca Raton, FL

I look forward to getting my carpet, tile and grout cleaned by Nationwide Carpet Cleaning of West Palm Beach. Every time, it’s like getting a brand new home. They use non-toxic cleaners that really clean, the smell is refreshing and not overpowering like other cleaners I’ve had in the past. Their equipment is state of the art, its dry within the hour so no long waiting time to use my home again. Stephen and his staff do excellent work, professional and to top it off, is a lovely person who is a joy to do business with. I will never get my carpets cleaned by anyone else now that I have experienced their service. – Lisa, West Pam Beach, FL