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Pet Odor Treatment & Removal

We Clean Up Your Pet's Accidents

Everyone who owns a kitten or puppy

knows that accidents do happen. Even

house-broken pets are prone to accidents

if they are left inside to long, are angry

with you or get sick.

Maybe you bought and applied a spray on,

odor-treating carpet cleaner, but you still smell

a faint trace of urine. This is because over -the-

counter pet odor remedies simply cover up the smell, but don't make it disappear like professional carpet cleaning does.

Pet accidents can even harm your loved ones' health. If you have children at home that are frequently crawling on carpets, did you now that pet urine and waste has bacteria that can make your family sick?

Nationwide Carpet Cleaning has pet urine odor treatments that immediately start eating away at the bacteria that causes your carpets to smell so bad. Our pet odor treatments sanitize your carpet making them safe for the whole family to enjoy again.

Odors We Treat

  • Dog Urine
  • Dog Marking Scent
  • Cat Urine
  • Cat Spraying
  • Ferret Urine

How Pet Odor Removal Works

A Nationwide Carpet Cleaning technician will apply an enzyme-activated treatment to the affected rooms. Over the next 36 hours, the enzymes will digest the smelly bacteria, leaving your carpets refreshed and odor-free.

Make sure you call us within 24 hours after your pet accident to make an appointment for carpet cleaning. This ensures that minor odors and stains do not cause permanent carpet damage resulting in fiber color fading or soaking into your carpet padding or sub-floor. Feel free to ask a Nationwide Carpet Cleaning representative for more information on our pet odor removal system.

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